5 Ways Meditation Has Improved My Life

I honestly don’t remember when I first tried to meditate on my own but I know my first experience was during a yoga class a decade ago. I remember walking into my first yoga class and there were only 2 other people in the room. Shit. I was wondering how I could leave without anyone noticing but I quickly realized I was already in too deep.

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#2018Prep How To Get Back on Track All Year Long

After Christmas 2017, I began a series of live chats from my Facebook page called #2018Prep. In this series, I dropped nuggets to empower you to have the best year ever. We dove into how to learn your lessons from 2017 to letting go of the need to be perfect to how to stay consistent when pursuing your goals and so much more. If you need to start fresh, which you can do at any point regardless of what the calendar says, then check out the videos below. I’ve made the whole #2018Prep series available for you in one place.


Tips for Effortless Weeknight Dinners

Busy week coming up? Not sure what to cook?

  • Ask your friend who enjoys cooking what their fave recipes are or if they have any recommendations.
  • Start recipe hoarding
    • Use Pinterest and save recipes that you’re excited to try or some of your favorite go-to’s
      • Here check out a couple of my boards to get you started. This one has a little bit of EVERYTHING. While this one has HEALTHY RECIPES

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Psssssst… I Got Your Secret Weapon Against Anxiety

I was catching up with one of my biz besties yesterday and she shared how she’s been experiencing a ton of anxiety lately.

So in typical Wellness Coach Miriam fashion, I started digging into her lifestyle.


How have you been sleeping?
Did you get that workout in, yesterday?
Are you taking an oral birth control?

I soon stumbled across a few places in her lifestyle where she could support herself better and alleviate some of that anxiety.

My girl needed to get some B vitamins in her life!

I quickly rattled off some B vitamin rich foods for her to run, not walk, to the store and get.

In the Eating for Stress Masterclass, I broke down the importance of B vitamins and so many other nutrients. B vitamin deficiency is linked to anxiety and yes ma’am oral birth control contributes to that deficiency. B vitamins help to support healthy brain function, from nerves to brain cells.

Tell anxiety to kick rocks and download your free copy of the Feel Good Foods grocery list. All the foods on this list lessen the impact of stress and anxiety.