Two Ways You Can Manage Working From Home Isolation

I love working from home and the freedom that has come from building my online business. HOWEVER, the flip side of that is the isolation can be really hard. It wasn’t something I had anticipated struggling with when I ended my career as a hairstylist and became an online lifestyle coach. I was so excited to be pursuing my dreams I hadn’t considered the impact socially distancing myself would have. The need for connection led me to the following tips I won’t wait any longer to share with you.

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Are the Sunday Scaries bringing you down?

Sunday Scaries Survival Strategy

It’s Sunday around 2pm and all of a sudden the weight of the week ahead starts to weigh on you. Monday morning will be here before you know it and you’re already making a mental checklist of all that’s waiting for you. Whether it’s that 8am client, class or meeting you can feel your mind racing and your heart rate picking up. The Sunday Scaries just kicked in the door like the Kool-Aid man.

Do you ever experience the Sunday Scaries? 

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How to Use Annoying Co-workers to Your Advantage

We’ve all had that coworker who does the most. There’s levels to the doing the most game but right now we’ll specifically speak on the office butt-kisser. The one who goes above and beyond and it induces the most epic eyerolls. The coworker who inserts themselves in every situation to keep eyes on them. The coworker who seems to know everyone’s names and what’s happening in their lives. The coworker who seems to be on every project inserting their two sense. The coworker who has something to say about everything regardless of whether they were asked. 

It makes you crazy how despite being so annoying, every opportunity seems to fall into their lap.

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That promotion is YOURS, all you need is this…

When it comes to your work, how are you viewing yourself? I’ve noticed a trend in my clients and I have a feeling you might relate. My clients tend to be those overachievers who give 120% to their jobs but unfortunately doubt their worthiness when it comes time to stepping up to the plate and going after those promotions or accolades. It’s all too easy for my overachieving badasses to downplay their work, abilities and honestly how they’re worthy of reaching higher heights in their career. 

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5 Ways Meditation Has Improved My Life

I honestly don’t remember when I first tried to meditate on my own but I know my first experience was during a yoga class a decade ago. I remember walking into my first yoga class and there were only 2 other people in the room. Shit. I was wondering how I could leave without anyone noticing but I quickly realized I was already in too deep.

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#2018Prep How To Get Back on Track All Year Long

After Christmas 2017, I began a series of live chats from my Facebook page called #2018Prep. In this series, I dropped nuggets to empower you to have the best year ever. We dove into how to learn your lessons from 2017 to letting go of the need to be perfect to how to stay consistent when pursuing your goals and so much more. If you need to start fresh, which you can do at any point regardless of what the calendar says, then check out the videos below. I’ve made the whole #2018Prep series available for you in one place.