How to Use Annoying Co-workers to Your Advantage

We’ve all had that coworker who does the most. There’s levels to the doing the most game but right now we’ll specifically speak on the office butt-kisser. The one who goes above and beyond and it induces the most epic eyerolls. The coworker who inserts themselves in every situation to keep eyes on them. The coworker who seems to know everyone’s names and what’s happening in their lives. The coworker who seems to be on every project inserting their two sense. The coworker who has something to say about everything regardless of whether they were asked. 

It makes you crazy how despite being so annoying, every opportunity seems to fall into their lap.

It’s infuriating and leaves you wondering if anyone else is just as triggered by this person. There are even days that leave you wondering if anyone is really that genuinely helpful and thoughtful. 

Dare I say you might even spend time in and out of work annoyed over this person. When we think about work issues outside of the office we’re contributing to our own stress. Yes, you can make the claim that they do x, y and z and that’s why you’re so stressed however you’re still choosing to focus on them on your time. 

I’ve got something I want you to think about though: 

How can you step out bolder at work? 

In what ways are you comfortable speaking up? 

What projects would you rather be aligned with at work?

How can you step up in a way that feels authentic to you and put yourself in front of the right people?

This coworker triggering you is actually doing you a deep service. It’s shining a light on your desire to be seen! Now I’m not saying to go out and do what this buttkissing coworker is doing. However, I am encouraging you to look at ways you’re ready to be bolder and ways you’re ready to be SEEN.

It’s time to kick up some dust and show a more empowered face around the office. Being annoyed by your coworker doesn’t push you forward but acknowledging how you can honor who you are and shine brighter definitely does. 



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