How to Create Peace That Gets Your Dream Job

Does your career excite you and bring you happiness? Before starting Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching, I can say the last few years of my career as a hairstylist were no longer fulfilling. That lack of fulfillment led to anxious commutes to work and long draining days. Those long draining days and the energy that came with them started leaking into other areas of my life. I soon found myself stuck and in denial about my power over the situation. 


In the beginning, I would focus on the things that I still loved from the job. However, over time those pockets of joy just weren’t enough. So I focused on pouring into other areas of my life but soon that left me drained as well. It was like dissatisfaction was a steady state in my life. 


Can you relate?


One of the main reasons I notice my clients stay too long in positions that no longer bring them joy is fear. 


Fear of the unknown. 

Fear or failure. 

Fear of their big dreams.


If you can relate and find yourself in that place where fear has you stuck and losing life, I want you to remember something: 


So much of life unfolds in the doing. Your fears tell a story that keep you stuck and it’s just that a story. It’s not your truth or even the reality of life. Until you start making moves towards your big dreams you have no idea how life will really respond. Your trust and effort will bring about your wildest dreams but first you have to get out of fear’s grasp.


A job that excites you is waiting for you, you just have to believe in your ability to make it so. 



There’s so much power in slowing down and tuning inward on your journey to a life that fulfills you. Make some time to check out this video series on The Power of Slowing Down and bring more energy for the life you’re living into your world. 

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