Healthy Living Accountability


CAUTION: This 6 month 1:1 program IS NOT about weight loss. It’s all about balance, focus, accountability.

Feeling burntout from work?

Life weighing you down?

Ready to learn how to support your body through everything life throws at you?

The intent of Healthy Living Accountability is to provide support and obviously accountability as we work together to get clear about how to best incorporate more empowering healthy living habits into your life. This isn’t about changing your whole world, it’s about making your world make more sense in conjunction with your goals.

This is about learning what foods your body loves and thrives on and incorporating them into your life effortlessly.

This isn’t about restriction and measuring out your meals.

This is about learning nutrition tips and tools that will keep brain fog and indecision at bay.

This isn’t about promoting the latest superfood cure all.

This is about creating your own definition of healthy living.

This is not one size fits all.

This is about owning an empowering healthy lifestyle and never giving in to diet culture again.

Payment plan is AVAILABLE and ENCOURAGED!

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Monthly 60 minutes guidance sessions

  • this time is spent shifting your mindset around what healthy living looks like to YOU as well as establishing new goals, priorities, and expectations.
  • you can split the time however you like
    • 1 60 minute session
    • 2 30 minute sessions

BONUS! Access to digital tools and workshops that will help support your experience

  •  ANYWHERE WORKOUTS and toolkit! 20-30 minute workouts that utilize your own bodyweight as well as some light weights.
  • If working out isn’t your jam, don’t worry we’ll find other ways to get you moving and hold you accountable to them
  • Eating for Stress Masterclass…learn how to heal your body from the effects of stress with food.
  • Feel Good Foods Cookbook and grocery list… Bring 8 recipes into your life that you know will be yummy and nutritious!
  • Smoothie Detox Guide… learn how to make nutritious and delicious smoothies that support your specific needs whether they be liver supporting, cancer preventative or support clear skin
  • If I lead an online workshops that supports your journey during our time together I will provide free or discounted access to help facilitate your journey.

Bi-weekly check-ins… (track progress, strategize, celebrate)

  • You will receive a template to use for your bi-weekly check-ins
  • Check-ins will be used to track what is working in your life, where you could do better and where you’ve hit a speed bump. This will also be your chance to receive on going support between guidance sessions
  • Check-ins must be in my inbox by Monday, 9am of whichever coast I’m on. Via email I will keep you posted on how my travel impacts when you have to have your check-in to me by.
  • I promise to be in touch within 24 hours unless otherwise specified ex. personal matters

No meal plan 

  • Recipe and food combo ideas upon request
  • I’m team educated decisions. When you are armed with the knowledge of  what works for your unique body and lifestyle you’re able to do better


As with most of my programs, monthly payment plans are strongly encouraged. If you’re interested in more information on payment plans email me at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out with them at, subject line HEALTHY LIVING ACCOUNTABILITY. I’m here to make this the easiest and most empowering decision ever.