Healthy Living Accountability


CAUTION: This 3 month 1:1 program IS NOT about weight loss. It’s all about balance, focus, accountability.

The intent of Healthy Living Accountability is to provide support and obviously accountability as we work together to get clear about how to best incorporate more empowering healthy living habits into your life. This isn’t about changing your whole world, it’s about making your world make more sense in conjunction with your goals.

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Three one-on-one 30 minutes guidance sessions

  • this time is spent shifting your mindset around what healthy living looks like to YOU as well as establishing new goals, priorities, and expectations.

3 months worth of workouts with modifications as needed.

  •  ANYWHERE WORKOUTS and toolkit! 20-30 minute workouts that utilize your own bodyweight as well as some light weights.

Exclusive access to Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching digital products

Surprise accountability drop-ins 

  • Without warning I’ll drop into your MyFitnessPal log and check on your food, water, and activity logs. I’ll provide feedback either immediately as I notice a pattern or during the weekly check-in

Weekly check-ins… (track progress, strategize, celebrate)

  • You will receive a template to use for your weekly check-ins
  • Weekly check-ins will be used to track what is working in your life, where you could do better and where you’ve hit a speed bump.
  • Check-ins must be in my inbox by Monday, 9am of whichever coast I’m on. Via email I will keep you posted on how my travel impacts when you have to have your check-in to me by.
  • I promise to be in touch within 24 hours unless otherwise specified like personal matters

No meal plan 

  • Recipe and food combo ideas upon request