7 Personal Approaches to Healthy Living

Living a healthy lifestyle can be a daunting task to tackle. There’s so much information out there and some of it downright conflicting. 


Your friend swears bye Keto and HIIT workouts. 

Your boss is a crossfit paleo ride or die. 

Your mom swears by her daily walks and is team green juice. 


So many different approaches to healthy living that all come with their own pluses and minuses.  It can be downright overwhelming to decide what works for you and subsequently commit to it.

Unfortunately when it comes to moving that body and coming up with a fitness routine it can be just as overwhelming and daunting.


Food choices and weight can greatly impact our mental and emotional wellbeing when trying to keep up with others standards. Your body has a standard all its own that you CAN learn with some patience. 


Shame can be a huge factor that holds you back and keeps you stuck. 


A component I don’t think is spoken about enough when it comes to healthy living is your mental wellbeing. Be mindful of your healthy living lifestyle leading to a messy inner world. Your healthy living should only uplevel your self worth, self image and self esteem. 


I’ve got 7 ways you can take a more personal approach to your healthy living. Make it yours and let your body tell you what it needs most. There’s so much wisdom your body is waiting for you to tune into. 


  1. As a child, I was plagued by migraines. My parents brought me to the doctor’s and they shared with us that foods with a high concentration of nitrates had the potential to lead to my migraines. This is the moment when I became aware that food has an impact on how I feel. That was probably the beginning of my commitment to eat based on how I wanted to feel. If Sunday is filled with bacon for breakfast and maybe a pepperoni pizza for dinner I know Monday my brain will feel like the aliens are trying to call me to the mothership. Honestly, sometimes I don’t care and feel like living dangerously but I’ll do my part to support my body in preparation for a raging migraine. 
  2. Seasonally, I’m usually inspired to switch up my healthy living habits. One way I stay on track is by creating some sort of habit checklist or tracker. The accountability and confidence building this supports can’t be beat. Looking back at the end of another long week and seeing that you showed up for all of your workouts or met your goal of trying 2 new recipes a week can inspire you to show up all over again next week. Tracking your habits allows you to see where you’re crushing it and where you can place a little more of your attention.
  3. There’s always going to be areas that we can do better but the key is actually MAKING those adjustments. It’s easy to get caught up in holding patterns that don’t actually lead anywhere. We are creatures of habit however when you notice your patterns there’s potential for a powerful shift to take place. If you notice an unhealthy mindset impacting your self esteem, make note of it and then create a plan to heal. Next time you catch yourself, pivot in a direction that feels good, and disrupt the pattern.
  4. Stress comes in many forms and from many places. It’s not always outside influences like your job or relationships. Sometimes stress can come from misalignment with your inner world. Are you thinking thoughts that keep you stuck and undermine your progress? Are your consistent behaviours and actions helping you live your best life? Are you working-out in excess and not giving your body a chance to rest and restore? All are sources of stress that you actually create. As you’ve heard me say a handful of times before, stress is the starting point for so many chronic diseases. 
  5. Unfortunately, the desire to be perfect can slow down your pursuit of a healthy life lived on your terms. The push for perfection vs being an imperfect human doing their best can keep you from what you desire. It’s easy to get frustrated with your imperfect self and begin dwelling, pouring your energy into thoughts of lack that never move you forward. 
  6. Each body has its own unique requirements. It’s so easy to compare yourself against the next person. Whether it’s that woman in the office who has a body you would kill for or that friend who blinks and loses weight with ease. Allow your body to be unique with it’s own preferences and set point. When you leave room for your body to be beautifully unique you’ll be able to start listening to the messages she’s constantly sending you. Your body has it’s own set of requirements and she’ll gladly tell you if you let her: Which foods make you feel amazing? Which ways do you love to move your body? Your body will even let you know when it’s time to let a train of thought go: tense shoulders, clenched jaw, upset stomach. Don’t get caught up in the next person’s healthy living journey. You’ve got your own totally unique to you. 
  7. Something that isn’t talked about enough is just how powerful food can be in its ability to prevent so many health issues. Fresh whole foods have the power to ease stress, have an upbeat day and make decision making easy peasy lemon squeezy. You don’t have to take it from me though. If you’re ready to create a healthy lifestyle on your terms, to learn how to understand what your body needs most and which foods allows you to show up daily kicking ass then let’s chat. The Healthy Living Accountability program is here to move you away from diet culture and towards understanding your unique body and it’s needs. 


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Creating a healthy lifestyle mind, body and soul that fits YOUR unique life is absolutely possible and I’m here to support you as you take it on and make it your own. Check out the Healthy Living Accountability program and create a healthy lifestyle on your terms. 


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