That promotion is YOURS, all you need is this…

When it comes to your work, how are you viewing yourself? I’ve noticed a trend in my clients and I have a feeling you might relate. My clients tend to be those overachievers who give 120% to their jobs but unfortunately doubt their worthiness when it comes time to stepping up to the plate and going after those promotions or accolades. It’s all too easy for my overachieving badasses to downplay their work, abilities and honestly how they’re worthy of reaching higher heights in their career. 

One specific client comes to mind, let’s call her JoAnn. JoAnn showed up to work early and stayed late. JoAnn gave her all to every project and her coworkers would come to her for support and encouragement. JoAnn tiptoed around her boss but her work spoke volumes. When JoAnn finally got the long time coming promotion she had worked so hard for, she totally freaked out. Instead of being so proud of herself she was tearing herself apart. She was spiraling in her thoughts finding every reason why she wasn’t worthy and would eventually get fired. She was focused on all the ways she was going to mess up. All the ways her boss would realize he made a mistake. She was losing sleep over so many unknown variables and was soon swept up in some imposter syndrome. 


Who was she to hold a higher position in her company? They were gonna find out soon just how much she didn’t know. Who was she to manage her fellow coworkers? Who was she to be making that much more money?


She was convinced she would be fired sooner than later when they realized their error. 


She wasn’t seeing what everyone else saw. She wasn’t owning all her hard work and countless hours logged. She wasn’t seeing her promotion as a result of her hard work. 


Can you relate?


If you’re finding yourself in this position, I encourage you to take a step back and for a few minutes, take stock of all that you’ve accomplished. 


Witness your greatness. 


Take a break from analyzing all the ways you aren’t worthy and actually see the truth in all of your work you’ve put in. 


Whether you believe it or not, you are worthy. 


Sometimes you have to take a look at what your actions say instead of what your insecurities and limiting thoughts have to say. 


You deserve to feel really good about yourself. 


When I slowed JoAnn down and we started taking inventory of her achievements it was like wiping off the dirty fingerprints on the lens she was seeing herself through. She was finally able to see what her superiors saw when she stopped looking at herself through the lens of less than, inadequate and unworthy. 


She would revisit her notes from this session often and each time she would uncover a new way she had been contributing to her own stress. 


She started showing up for work with more pep in her step and confidence in her ability to slay her job effortlessly. 


As she separated herself from her insecurities she saw herself experiencing the work life she had dreamed of. 



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