High-achieving and high stress? There’s another way.

Being a strong-minded, go getter, type A, alpha female in the corporate world can take it’s toll on your mind, body and soul. It might seem like to get ahead and dominate in your field you have to embody more masculine energies to get things done but at what cost? 


When I say embody more masculine energies I’m talking about

going to the extreme: more aggressive tactics/stepping on toes, over-working, logic without emotional consideration, pushing through to make things happen (this was my poison that kept my immune system crashing in my 20’s), taking on every project in order to prove something, prioritizing work and material gain over your own happiness and well-being. 


Operating in your go-getter, overachiever, type-A energy for prolonged periods of time can have a severe impact on your body. You weren’t created to over exert yourself in this manner. You weren’t created to feel constantly drained and in fight mode. You were created to flow effortlessly between that beautiful make shit happen energy and allowing space for things to unfold energy. 


You were created to DO yet also love and care for oneself. 


As a woman, typically when you spend so much time in your masculine manifesting energy you tend to neglect spending time in that nurturing, creative, feminine energy. There’s always something else to do, something else to prove, something else to make happen that you place above your own needs. It can feel like slowing down and checking in with yourself is a complete waste of time. Like you’re going to miss out on something or heaven forbid appear weak. 


What if I told you being in that make-shit-happen, alpha female energy for prolonged periods of time would lead to adrenal fatigue, weight gain, rapid aging, high blood pressure, acne and other skin issues, heart disease and hair loss? Would you heed my advice and slow down? Would you make a change and find ways to tweak your approach to work and life? Are you ready to allow more room for yourself in your plans of world domination?


What if I told you that when you slow down and take care of yourself you will actually have more energy to show up as the alpha boss babe that you are. What if I told you that in finding a more balanced approach to your alpha boss ways you’ll attract more opportunities and people who will help bring your dreams and goals to life? What if a balanced approach created the level of support for yourself, your projects and your life that you’ve been secretly craving?

Are you ready for all that expansive goodness?

Four questions to consider if you think you might be spending too much time in your masculine energy:

  1. Am I constantly looking for validation from others through my actions and the things I achieve?
  2. Am I often too tired to show up as my best, while my skin is breaking out and food cravings are out of control?
  3. Do you find yourself putting your happiness aside until a predetermined time? (Ex. I can finally be happy and enjoy life once this project is finished)
  4. Do you find yourself saying “It’s been a crazy week” EVERY WEEK?


If you answered yes to any of these questions take some time to see where you can relax and trust in all of your hard work. You don’t have to push to the point of negatively impacting your health in order to make your dreams come true. 



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Creating a healthy lifestyle mind, body and soul that fits YOUR unique life is absolutely possible and I’m here to support you as you take it on and make it your own. Check out the Healthy Living Accountability program and create a healthy lifestyle on your terms. 


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