Ladies, How to Recognize When Your Divine Masculine Energy Is Raging

In the Understanding Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy blog, I talked about how I help women operating heavily in their masculine energy to reconnect with their suppressed feminine energy. So I figured I would share more of what that looks like in action.

I’ve mentioned in the previous blog in this series, every human consists of divine masculine and feminine energy. Depending how we respond to life, we can sway too far into either energy and yes there are times it can absolutely serve us. However, for those women who spend too long in either extreme it can be really painful.


I work with amazingly driven women. Recently one such woman came to me for support and encouragement as she pursued a life that served her. The fact that she searched me out I had a feeling she was going to be one of my

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overachieving, type A, team hustle, no sleep, gotta-do-all-the-things, Team No Mistakes, doesn’t-know-how-to-chill-out-bc-everyone-needs-me-to-be-strong clients.

Why did I think this?

Because I have been her and I know my people.

Although I have added balance to these parts of myself, energetically women who are still living like this are drawn to me. I worked with this particular client on bringing all of the pieces of herself she had overextended back home to center. She was trying to do all the things but was never really finishing anything or making great strides forward that matched the energy of  her effort. The level of exhaustion she was living her life with was making ME TIRED.

We worked TOGETHER to slow down the pace of her life by increasing her awareness of where to best use her energy. Not every battle needs you charging forward. She learned that slowing down her thoughts brought her balance and back in alignment with her true power.

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If you’re curious now, could this be you? Ask yourself the following questions:


Are you always charging forward in your life?

Always trying to MAKE things work?

To- do list you’re aggressively slaying?

Do you feel like life is always working against you and you have to fight for what you want?

Does your life feel chaotic and choppy?

Are you always tired?

Do you have a difficult relationship with your body?

Do you struggle being creative?

Do you struggle with your female relationships?

Do you not know what YOU want? What feels good to YOU?


If you said yes to any of these questions, stay tuned for the next blog, Reconnecting with Divine Feminine Energy, in the series!

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