Rock The Boat

Being comfortable in your life keeps you small. You start to lose your edge and fear making changes because well you’re scared to rock the boat.

Are you living in limbo? Wanting to move your life forward but paralyzed. 

Comfortable but knowing there’s more out there for you?

Are you unsatisfied?

What’s more important? Staying comfy and dissatisfied or rocking the boat and expanding your world?

It’s impossible not to change and evolve when you rock the boat

Three tips

  1. Get clear about what you’re after.
    1. Where are you trying to go? What will it feel like when you get there? What meaning does this accomplishment have for you?
  2. Explore the stories you’re telling yourself that are holding you back.
    1. If you’re struggling, share with someone you trust who won’t mince words.
    2. I had a client who bitched and complained that she had no time to expand her business because she spent so much time in her car. We quickly worked together to reframe how she viewed her time in her car. Instead of it being wasted time while she gets to point A to B we shifted it to time she can be working on her business from the road. Her car became her office and recording voice notes full of business ideas she could implement later became her secret weapon
  3. List your wins. Explore the other times you’ve stepped out of your bubble AND WON.
    1. It’s easy to forget that you are an overcomer if you’ve gotten too comfortable inside of your comfort zone. It’s good to recap all the things you’ve overcome to help boost your confidence. If you’ve overcome everything else you’ve come up against, chances are you’ll overcome whatever is on the other side of your comfort zone.


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