Two Ways You Can Manage Working From Home Isolation

I love working from home and the freedom that has come from building my online business. HOWEVER, the flip side of that is the isolation can be really hard. It wasn’t something I had anticipated struggling with when I ended my career as a hairstylist and became an online lifestyle coach. I was so excited to be pursuing my dreams I hadn’t considered the impact socially distancing myself would have. The need for connection led me to the following tips I won’t wait any longer to share with you.

Virtually co-work with peers

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee working from home, it’s important to have people you can connect with who are on a similar track. When I connected with my business bestie four years ago, I had no idea how much she would save me from myself when isolation started to get to me. One thing we often do, especially if one of us is struggling with motivation, is schedule virtual coworking dates. We use Zoom, will even mute our mics and get to work on our individual projects. It’s just nice knowing someone is there. If we have something we want to share or have set a timer to check in with each other, we’ll unmute, have a quick pow-wow and get back to work. Video calls are everything when wanting to make a connection to kick isolation blues in the butt.

Virtual lunch dates

Maybe I should rename this blog the gift of video calls. If there are a bunch of you working from home or even just one other person you would like to connect with, set up a virtual lunch date! A virtual lunch date has the power to break up your work day! If you’re someone who gets life and feels recharged from social interactions, then a midday virtual hangout with friends or coworkers may just give you the boost you need!

I hope my two working from home tricks help bring you the connection you require. If you’re struggling to make working from home work for you and are ready for some support getting clear about making a plan that works for you, feel free to reach out. Let’s chat and create the perfect plan. Click here to apply for a free guidance session.

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