5 Ways Meditation Has Improved My Life

I honestly don’t remember when I first tried to meditate on my own but I know my first experience was during a yoga class a decade ago. I remember walking into my first yoga class and there were only 2 other people in the room. Shit. I was wondering how I could leave without anyone noticing but I quickly realized I was already in too deep.

I was so scared of being judged because I was a total yoga newbie. I can remember a few times during the class the teacher gently saying, “Yoga is a personal journey”. She def was kindly calling me out for checking out the other participants posture. I was totally judging myself but her kind words brought me back to myself. I remember loving the class but I also remember being elated for the magical moment when the instructor said let’s head into Savasana.

Savasana is typically at the end of the class and I found this definition online,

“The Savasana posture brings closure to your yoga session, promotes deep relaxation, and helps your body and mind assimilate the previous yoga poses so you can reap their many benefits.”

We were laying there on our backs while the instructor came through laying heavy blankets on us. She spoke soothing words over us as we closed our eyes and focused on our breathing. I struggled at first bc I was low key freaking out about the blanket lol WHEN WAS IT LAST WASHED AND NOW ITS ALL UP ON MY BODY?! EEEKKKKK Despite my freakout I was soon, without even realizing it, being lulled into a calmness I had never known before. I think I fell asleep and it definitely wasn’t the last time I fell asleep in Savasana.

So here we are a decade later and I couldn’t imagine meditation of some form not being a part of my life. Here’s what it’s brought to my world

1.Helps me keep it real with myself

Meditation has taught me to become aware of my own bullshit. It’s nudged me to shine a light inward and become comfortable with what I see. I’ve learned how to clear my mind and calm the f down when I’m losing my shit. It’s a beautiful thing to start practicing PAUSE in your life. Meditation has helped me learn how to take a second before reacting to breathe, check in and make sure I respond authentically and appropriately. 

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2. Stress Management

Stress causes agitation and that’s something we can ALL relate to. Meditation allows you to take control of changing your emotions and reactions. I realize I take my time reacting to the world around me the more consistent I get with my practice. Not to say things don’t piss me off. They most definitely do but I’m not a victim to those emotions. 

3. Improved Concentration

I find on mornings that I meditate I’m able to get more focused work done. As opposed to mornings where I don’t meditate and I’m distracted by every shiny object.

4. Benefits immune system

I took this from the Chopra Center website because it was to real not to share “Since your immune system responds to both negative and positive thoughts, meditation creates a positive mental environment for the immune system to flourish. Click here to read more about meditation and your immune system.

5. Slows aging process

Meditation reduces stress. Stress is a significant cause of aging, because it drags down the immune system, affects digestion and degrades your quality of sleep. medical research has proven that patients who use meditation regularly show increases in the amount of melatonin produced in their bodies. Melatonin is a very beneficial hormone which slows the aging process, energizes the immune system and retards the natural damage to cells characteristic of aging. Click here to read more 

I allow my meditation practice to speak to my needs on any given day. Check out this blog where I share some free meditation apps.




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