“Busy” Burnout

Why did being “busy” become a status symbol?

In several studies, a busy person was viewed to have more status! They were perceived as more ambitious and competent.

When did productivity get linked to self worth?

  • When I graduated school I was all about filling my time with building my business. It’s all I did all the time. I was proud of how busy I was, how much work I was putting in. It left me feeling validated but I was quickly burning out. I wasn’t making enough time for things that filled me up. If I couldn’t show how much work I had been putting in I was scared of others judgement. 

All that “busy” ness can lead to

  • Feeling rundown
  • Sick
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Weight gain

All the things that you’re doing, that have you proudly proclaiming “I’ve been so busy…” Are they bringing your life more joy? Are you fulfilled? If your answer has you mad at the messenger —ME— then try this exercise


  1. When you’re loving your life…what are the conditions in place? AS Brene Brown puts it in  The Gifts of Imperfection, these are your ingredients for joy and meaning.
  2. Create more downtime in your life so you can have more space to add in your ingredients to a more joyful life.


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