Stress Reducing Grab N Go Breakfast Ideas

What you eat either adds or heals stresses impact

What are some of your reasons for not eating breakfast?

  1. Time?
  2. Too stressed to eat?

Get out of the drive thru and back into kitchen

The same amount of time it takes you to hit the drive thru, you can easily reheat some food that supports your body.

  1. Processed, sugary, fried, fast foods
    1. Stress out your system
    2. Fog up your brain, scramble your intuition
      1. Makes it hard to make decisions
        1. More stress

These grab n go breakfast ideas take some prep time however they free you up during the week. Perhaps set a couple hours aside on the weekend to set you up for success during the week.

  1. Egg muffins…heat em up and eat em on the way to work
    1. Pair em with some fruit
    2. Maybe some toast
  2. Freezer breakfast burrito
    1. Whole wheat tortilla
    2. Eggs or some black beans
    3. Veggies
      1. Get after some seasonal nutrition
        1. Go after fruits and vegetables that are in season. They’ll provide the nutrients you need to support your body through the season
    4. Add foods that you enjoy, make it work for you.
  3. Overnight Oats
    1. Get some cute mason jars
    2. Throw in oats, fruits, fats, dairy/nut juice, whatever you like
    3. Eat cold or warm
      1. Make it work for you

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