How To Manage Stress and Anxiety Due To Coronavirus Coverage

If the constant coronavirus talk or it’s impact on your life (work changes or the lack of, school closings, quarantines, bills) has you experiencing even more stress and anxiety than usual it’s time to

1. spend a little less time taking in the constant coronavirus news reports, memes or think pieces online. Give yourself a break, perhaps use this timeout as an opportunity to take in some content that lifts your vibe instead.

2. spend a little more time focused on learning the facts and applying the necessary precautions in your life. You are so much more powerful when you can make informed balanced decisions. When we cling to fear it slows us down.

3. put more importance on your health in the long run, especially preventative care. This whole experience can be a lesson for all of us in terms of how we care for ourselves as individuals and as a society.

4. do stuff that lights you up! Your mood and vibe have a huge impact on your immune system. Stress less, laugh more. Get clear about what makes you happy and see what you CAN bring into your reality moment to moment.

5. show some humanity. Everybody is experiencing the impact of coronavirus in one way or another even if they haven’t contracted the virus. It’s time we be there for each other, from a phone call to check on a friend out of work to going grocery shopping for someone who has a compromised immune system.

How you view life, the actions you take, the way you care for yourself all have a major impact on your stress levels. Since you have a choice, make the aligned decisions that move you towards more peace and abundance whenever possible. No one knows what you need like you do. Make it happen.


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