Is your job impacting your metabolism??

As your workload increases, do you find yourself cutting corners to meet deadlines?

Are those corners you’re cutting personal?

After a while, have you noticed those cut corners impacting your wellbeing?

When I worked as a hairstylist, you snuck in bites of your lunch whenever you could. It was very rare to have a lunch break blocked off. We all loved seeing our schedules full but not more than our boss. She was notorious for deleting lunch breaks to fit in that extra client. We basically snuck in a couple of bites of food here and there where ever our schedules allowed it. This was our norm. 

I would get home after my shift and stuff my face for a couple of hours after work to make up for the calories I lacked during the day. 

Have you found yourself doing that as well?

One of the key ways I see my clients allowing their jobs to impact their physical wellbeing is by working through their lunch breaks. They feel as if it’s the only answer to the increasing pressure to deliver. They feel the pressure to keep everyone happy so they forego lunch thinking this will increase productivity. It’s almost a norm amongst my clients! There’s this idea that if they just work through their lunch break in order to complete a project they’re being a good employee.

They’re totally ignoring the fact that they’re doing more harm to themselves than good when it comes to their well-being. Is being a good employee really worth sacrificing one’s health and relationship with self? I guess you’ll have the funds to cover doctor’s costs but what if you never had to go to the doctor’s because you focused on preventative care? A thought.  They’re actively contributing to their stress levels by a. not giving their brain a break and b. allowing their body to worry about when it will receive it’s next meal. What they don’t realize and we’ll get into shortly, is that all of this actually negative impacts their ability to think straight.

Productivity, where?


So let’s get into just a few ways skipping meals negatively impacts your health:

  1. Your metabolism slows down which leads to weight gain and it also makes it harder to lose weight! Your metabolism slows as you age anyway so why help it along?
  2. Blood sugar decreases which impacts your ability to think straight! Your brain runs off of glucose to operate efficiently. Buh-bye clear and decisive decision-making. 
  3. When you go long periods of time without eating, your body goes into survival mode and your cells and body crave food. Ready to eat everything and anything in sight?


Towards the end of my career, I got really good at finding ways to nourish my body so we could operate at our best. If you’ve been skipping meals for your job, here are some easy ways I’ve utilized as well as my clients that will help you begin taking better care of yourself:


  1. If you’re inclined to work through your lunch break I encourage you to step up your snack game. Spend your days grazing on fresh fruits like berries, granny smith apples and bananas to cut up vegetables like carrots, peppers and cucumbers you can at least support your body with nutrient dense foods. Pair them with proteins like cheese, hummus and nut betters. Having these handy means you can snack your way through the day and hopefully avoid any late in the day energy crashes that might lead you to caffeine and candy
  2. DRINK WATER!!!!! Every single chemical process in your body utilizes water. Starting to get a headache? Hydrate. Running low on energy? Hydrate. Back and shoulder muscles feeling tight? Hydrate. 
  3. Set some healthy boundaries with your work. Your physical wellbeing doesn’t need to be impacted in the name of making your boss happy or reaching quarterly goals. Be clear about your needs versus shrinking inward and trying not to rock the boat. Your productivity and quality of work is directly impacted by how well you treat yourself. 

Your work can only be positively impacted by taking your lunch break. From having a clearer head space to just feeling more at peace in your environment, nurture your body and your mind so it can do the work you need it to.

If your goal is to be that #1 employee make sure you’re treating your body like the #1 superstar that it is. Your healthy living habits have a bigger impact than you may realize but it isn’t too late to shift priorities. 

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Creating a healthy lifestyle mind, body and soul that fits YOUR unique life is absolutely possible and I’m here to support you as you take it on and make it your own. Check out the Healthy Living Accountability program and create a healthy lifestyle on your terms. 



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