Get Your Mind Right. Holiday Family Stress Is Around The Corner.

Get Your Mind Right

For the months of October and November, all of Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching’s content will be centered around getting you ready to deal with one of the most stressful time’s of the year.


As the holiday season approaches, get your mind right for everything your family’s bringing with them.

The love, the laughs, the opinions, the full bellies, and the unsolicited advice.

Start building yourself up and making your peace a priority.

Being around our families can be a lot to deal with…especially around the holidays.

We love em. We need em.

They’re a part of who we are.

But they also can stress us the eff out.

Their opinions. Their unsolicited advice. Their need to control.


A lot of the time, we can stress ourselves out living in anticipation of what could happen, what might be said, preparing for what might go down. Raising your blood pressure thinking of what they said at the last family get together that set you off, bringing back up all those heavy emotions.

Losing sleep at night, wondering what comments will be made about your weight, your relationship status, your hair, your career, whatever it is!

WARNING: What I’m about to say might be tough to swallow.

Instead of obsessing over the things they’ve said in the past or the things they might pick us apart for in the future, wishing that you could change them… what if you acknowledged that there’s only one person you can change.

Here’s a hint…it’s not them.


It’s you.

This change comes in two parts.

Acceptance is the first part.

Accepting the person for who they show you they are, accepting that you can never change them… is more for YOU than them.

The comments will be made whether you stress over them or not. Focusing our energy on being hurt and wishing they were different doesn’t actually make them different. As you wallow in hurt feelings you’re the only one hurting. Your family member isn’t feeling any of the pain you’re feeling.

Who knows why the person feels the need to say these things or act this way.

But you know what we do know?

You can’t change them. You can’t make them be the person you so desperately wish they would be.

ACCEPTING THEM DOESN’T MEAN LIKING THEIR COMMENTS. It also doesn’t mean their comments will stop (the second part of the change will help us with the comments).

Accepting them means

  • You won’t lose sleep over them, they are who they are and you don’t have to like it.
  • You won’t lose your joy over them.
  • You will protect your peace and not stoop to their level.
  • You won’t obsess over the future and stay present in your life.





Keep the good shit, leave the rest behind


Stay tuned for the next post where we cover the second part of the change

and begin building you up.get-your-mind-right-pin







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