Sidestep the BS


Side step the BS, the unnecessary drama.

How many of us find ourselves wrapped up in it from time to time?

Fighting others battles or maybe getting too emotionally involved in someone else’s problems. Hell, maybe you’re out here just stirring up the pot.

Maybe you’re looking further down the road and imagining problems that may or may not come your way.

Daydreaming about outcomes you definitely don’t want for your life.

Perhaps you started out just wanting to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. However, before you know it you’re emotionally invested, stressed out and drained. You were just trying to be a good friend, coworker, sibling, spouse, whatever.

I recently had a client who was worried about potentially getting caught in the middle of two of her friends’ drama.

The two friends were having a conflict that was all their own to handle but unfortunately they
weren’t talking about it to each other directly.
 They were each coming to my client with their sides of the drama, however that wasn’t going to fix anything until they addressed it directly.

Meanwhile my client was already looking further down the line and getting worked up about how her friends’ drama could potentially impact her. There was no sign of the storm heading her way however my client’s mind was already preparing for damage control.

When she came to me with all of this my advice was simple.



How many unnecessary fights and arguments could you have avoided if you had just stayed in our lane? How much unnecessary stress have you taken on by worrying about events that never came to pass?



If you’re wondering, the BS never ended up coming her way. The two women finally addressed their issues with each other and figured out a way to handle their conflict. By sidestepping the bs my client was able to stay focused on her goals, not take on any unnecessary stress and worry while maintaining her peace and ultimately still being a good friend.

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