How to Practice Self Care When the Holidays Get Stressful

We have an amazing guest post by the awesome Shayla Law of Holistically Shayla. Check out her bio at the end of the article to learn a lil bit more about her. 

How to practice Self Care When the Holidays Get Stressful

The weather has finally turned cold and that means it’s boot season! I love this time of year. Family gathers, everything smells like cinnamon and I get to use my fireplace.

As a child, the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas were always my favorite because my mom and aunts would all make sure that these days were filled with love, warmth, and lots and lots of food. But when I reached adulthood I began to notice something from the matriarchs in my family: they were exhausted and stressed out.

Now that I am one of the women responsible for making the holiday season a time to remember for our family, it is apparent to me how important it is to practice self care so as not to burn out. Here are my top three tips for practicing self care when the holidays get stressful. Continue reading

3 Time Management Tips to Keep Your Sanity This Holiday Season

Time Management

When I worked as a hairstylist, every holiday season I would hear the same complaints from my clients, “I have no time. I’m so stressed out. There’s so much to do. I wish I had more help.” My ladies would be one candycane away from losing their shit. The women who rocked the holidays like a G all had the same thing in common; their time management skills were on point.


Holiday stress can leave you ready to run away from home, so here are 3 time management tips you can put into play NOW.

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Get Your Mind Right. Holiday Family Stress Is Around The Corner.

Get Your Mind Right

For the months of October and November, all of Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching’s content will be centered around getting you ready to deal with one of the most stressful time’s of the year.


As the holiday season approaches, get your mind right for everything your family’s bringing with them.

The love, the laughs, the opinions, the full bellies, and the unsolicited advice.

Start building yourself up and making your peace a priority.

Being around our families can be a lot to deal with…especially around the holidays.

We love em. We need em.

They’re a part of who we are. Continue reading