3 Time Management Tips to Keep Your Sanity This Holiday Season

Time Management

When I worked as a hairstylist, every holiday season I would hear the same complaints from my clients, “I have no time. I’m so stressed out. There’s so much to do. I wish I had more help.” My ladies would be one candycane away from losing their shit. The women who rocked the holidays like a G all had the same thing in common; their time management skills were on point.


Holiday stress can leave you ready to run away from home, so here are 3 time management tips you can put into play NOW.

  1. Delegate

    Say it with me now nice and slow, D-E-L-E-G-A-T-E. Whether you’re hosting a party or one of the holidays be very aware of how much you can handle. Feel no shame sharing the load.

Last holiday season, I had to cook for every holiday and it was way too much adulting for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and especially for my loved ones. I live for it. However, I thought I had at least another 10 years before I would have to prepare a holiday meal.

The best thing I did was delegate. And I did it with no shame. I looked at everyone’s strengths and gave each person a responsibility. It took a lot of the pressure off of my shoulders but also made everyone feel involved which I think was important since it was the first ADULT holiday for my siblings and I without our parents running the show (my mother was back in Congo and my father across the country) .

Decide what you can handle during this hectic time of year. Assign tasks to the people who you know will enjoy it and take it seriously. Whether it’s cooking, shopping, decorating …WHATEVER. You need to enjoy yourself this holiday season, too. Feel no shame in handing out responsibilities. People only know how much you can handle when you tell them!

  1. Prioritize

The holidays are a crazy time of year full of social events, shopping, holiday prep and the rest of the day-to-day happenings that fill our lives.

It’s so important to take a look at everything on your plate and keep your sanity by establishing an order of importance.

Write down your MUST DO tasks and figure out an order to complete them in that works for you. Find a flow that fits your life because after all you are in charge. Look at your whole month, week or take it day by day. Attacking your to do list in this manner will ensure that nothing gets left behind and keeps you in your power.

3.  Use a calendar and set boundaries.

There are so many events during the holiday season! Use that calendar! Whether you just have yourself to keep track of or a family, create a holiday events calendar and keep track of everything you have coming up.get-your-mind-right-pin-3

Dedicate time just for you or your family to chill on that calendar. Block these times off and honor them! Make this chill time non-negotiable.

When possible, only agree to events you WANT to go to.. If there are events you have been invited to that take you out of your comfort zone or don’t honor you…then don’t go. As always if it’s not a HELL YEAH it’s a NO.




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