2 Foods That Will Trip You Up When You’re Stressed Out

What are your go to foods when you’re super stressed?

Cake? Ice-cream? Pizza? Potato chips? Cheese?

The foods you’re choosing are they helping you or harming you?

Unfortunately, they’re more than likely not doing you any favors.

We tend to crave comfort foods, high fat foods, when life gets overwhelming and stressful. However, these foods tend to make you feel lethargic and ultimately unable to handle stress. Stress and high fat foods have the ability to raise your blood pressure and cholesterol, which long term can lead to heart attack or stroke. Stress + high fat foods= double whammy


Sugar is a carbohydrate and carbohydrates do have the power to calm us. Which is one reason why you might crave sugary goodness when stressed out.

However, the problem with sugar is that it’s a simple carbohydrate so it burns through your system QUICK which results in that awful sugar crash. And if you’re already feeling low that crash ain’t helping NOBODY!

Use this info to bring some awareness into your life. I’m not saying don’t enjoy some pizza and cake every now and then. However, if you’ve got a ton of shit to do and you’re feeling overwhelmed, that sugar carb fest probs ain’t the best idea. You’re def gonna end up on the couch afterwards, feeling tired af, coming up with excuses as to why you just can’t do all the things right now. ?


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