A Journal, a Pen and a Whole Lot of Clarity

A few days ago, I opened my journal to a post from almost exactly four years ago. I had to laugh, when I read my own words, “I have it in my heart to move to California. In this moment, I give it up to the Universe.” The call to move had been swimming around in my head for years but I never gave it a chance. How was I going to move to California? On that day, I decided to stop questioning it and accept moving as an inevitable fact. The day I committed to the idea without questioning it, is when everything changed. It was no longer a ridiculous idea. It was real. Something that would happen whether I obsessed over the details or not.

That shift in thought, declaring that I wanted to move as well as opening my mind to all possibilities, is what set the last few years of my life in motion. The first step was proclaiming what I wanted and the second step was believing it would be mine. I was committed to a goal without knowing the how or the when.

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I focused on what I could do while keeping my heart, mind and eyes open to every opportunity that might bring me closer to my end goal. A few months after committing myself to moving to California, I enrolled in school, started focusing on building my finances and I made it a point to enjoy every second of where I was on my journey, instead of obsessing over unknown details. If I had doubts, I didn’t feed into them, I didn’t allow them to fester and grow. I acknowledged them and pushed on.

Here I am, four years later, having totally forgotten about that journal entry and the trust I put in Life to bring me where I needed to be. I’m closer than ever to living my life the way I’ve daydreamed about for years. I’m living in California, establishing my own holistic health coaching business, living for me and my dreams. I still don’t have all of the answers and I’m fine with that. Reminders of what I once dreamt about, how far I’ve come, and the peace I’ve gained from not needing all of the answers leaves me inspired and in awe of how beautiful life really is.

We don’t have to have all of the answers or everything planned out. Commit to your dreams, stay open to Life’s possibilities, and believe that the end story is already yours




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