The Subtle Art Of Overcoming Life’s Storms

There was this one family who used to come to the salon I worked at and they appeared to be sooooooo perfect. Always laughing, always together, always rainbows and sunshine. Now let me say I am a proud child of divorce. I wear my battle wounds with pride. Lol So when I would look upon this Leave It To Beaver-esque family I would be captivated. I would try to break down their secret because truly do they have it together?

It would be a few more years before the mother of that clan became a regular client of mine and I soon learned about them. THEY WEREN’T PERFECT. NOT AT FUCKIN ALL. When the mother, we’ll call her Cheryl for this story, started to confide in me I was blown away by their family story. I’ll totally admit that I was a lil sad about the fact that they weren’t the perfect family I had made them out to be. We were able to bond over parallels between both our family stories. I learned a super valuable lesson during the time that I had the honor of doing her hair.

No one is perfect but everyone has the opportunity to focus on abundance in the midst of their storms.

No matter what was going on, Cheryl always held strongly to her belief that they would overcome. I would see her every 8 weeks and sure enough she would come in with a positive progress report for the drama that was going down during her last appointment.

Now here’s the thing she wasn’t Positive Polly acting like crazy shit wasn’t happening around her. She very much acknowledged the shit storm in her midst but she didn’t give it power over her.

She did not create scenarios in her mind of what could go wrong, what might go down. No she was a firm believer of not calling in more doom and gloom into her world with her thoughts.

She kept her faith in positive outcomes and abundance. She believed every member of her family to be an overcomer, a victor.

Cheryl kept her eyes on all the abundance happening in her life instead of getting swept up by her storms.

The most important lesson I ever learned from her is that

Every solution to every problem is always at your fingertips. Your job isn’t to fall into victimhood, your job is to stay focused on your blessings so that more can find you. Your job is to stay focused on the solution. The energy you put out is exactly what you will attract.


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