How To Kick Fear Out Of Your Decision Making Process

So a couple of weeks ago, I asked the following question on my various social media accts.


I had my own idea of what the response would be. However, I was so wrong!! I was so surprised by the answer that came up!


Over and over again, I would see the response FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN and FEAR OF LOOKING STUPID.

So I put together the following two videos together for some encouragement.

But first let me leave you with 2 nuggets:

Nugget 1: When you’re out of alignment with your true self you struggle to make decisions, you struggle to trust in your ability to overcome all obstacles.

Nugget 2: For all the people around you, whose judgement you’re worried about…DO NOT DIMINISH THE POWER OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WHO LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT. Their love overpowers any and all judgement. Everyone is entitled to their opinion however it doesn’t mean it is true or valid. Your opinion of yourself is all that matters.


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