Popp Talk Ep. 3 Trust Your Greatness

Popp Talk episode 3 Trust Your Greatness

Sometimes, trusting yourself can be one of the hardest tasks you set out to do. Life can be really tough at times and weighing you down. However, life can also be really beautiful. So beautiful that it wipes out the hard times.
Things can get even tougher if you’re super focused on completing a specific goal, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, finishing a degree program or maybe you’re just trying to figure out what to do next with your life. The pressure you place on yourself to deliver has the potential to do more harm than good. Here’s the thing though: All of our suffering will only last as long as we allow it.

Dust yourself off and try againThe magic slayer of unnecessary pressure and doubt is trust. Trust that you have the necessary tools to overcome your mountain. Trust your ability to choose new thoughts, a new reality. Trust that you will come out on top, landing on your feet. Trust that your effort, as long as you’ve given your best, is more than enough.

When we’ve purposely done our best there’s nothing left for us to do. Legit, do your best, stand back and watch where the chips may fall. Worrying and doubting doesn’t make your desired outcome come to life. Pick yourself up, do your absolute best and trust.

So when you start to come down on yourself and find yourself stuck in a worry pattern, trust your effort. Legit ask yourself if there was anything more you could have done. Pay attention to the answers you receive. If an actionable step presents itself go after it. If there’s nothing else you can do CHILLLLLLLL. Trust that things will all work out. There’s so much that is outside of your control. The absolute only thing in this world you have control over is yourself.

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You will never have all the answers. So stop wasting time trying to figure every little thing out. If you did have all the answers you would miss all the magic that happens along the way to your destination.

Handle what’s within your power and find comfort in your greatness. Find comfort in how far you’ve come. Take comfort in the fact that you’re doing what’s necessary to reach your goalsSee their success and aim higher. Trust that you are beyond worthy of your hopes and dreams.

Sometimes we can get discouraged seeing all of the things going right in other people’s lives. Jealousy can creep in and self-doubt can take a hold. Let me leave you with this little nugget, though. Other people’s success shows you what is possible in your own life. There is way more than enough
greatness in this world for all of us. Look at the next person’s success as a sign of what is possible for you and more! What is meant for you will always find you. The key is to stay open to life and more importantly trust that your blessings are already on their way.


Trust Your Greatness

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