Popp Talk Ep. 3 Trust Your Greatness

Popp Talk episode 3 Trust Your Greatness

Sometimes, trusting yourself can be one of the hardest tasks you set out to do. Life can be really tough at times and weighing you down. However, life can also be really beautiful. So beautiful that it wipes out the hard times.
Things can get even tougher if you’re super focused on completing a specific goal, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, finishing a degree program or maybe you’re just trying to figure out what to do next with your life. The pressure you place on yourself to deliver Continue reading

Harness The Power of Your Thoughts


I was chatting with one of my Vibrant Chicks yesterday about fear of change and feeling stuck. Feelings that when intertwined can set you on a holding pattern that can last for months…years.

How often do we find our selves feeling stuck, helpless, lost?

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