Harness The Power of Your Thoughts


I was chatting with one of my Vibrant Chicks yesterday about fear of change and feeling stuck. Feelings that when intertwined can set you on a holding pattern that can last for months…years.

How often do we find our selves feeling stuck, helpless, lost?

It’s usually around some aspect of our lives that we feel as if we have no power over, from our work life & relationships to even our thought patterns.

Our thoughts start to spin out of control around the things we’re unhappy about, focusing on worse case scenarios. Growing our problems into these things that have lives of their own with dinner dates and champagne brunches.

For a lot of us it’s easier to focus on our problems instead of solutions. It’s the first place our mind goes… thoughts of less than, negative thoughts around how much worse things could potentially get.

Ultimately, thoughts so far from what we actually want for ourselves.


It doesn’t always have to be this way.

What if we filled ourselves up with the thoughts of greatness we want for our lives, thoughts of empowerment and possibility.

What if you focused your thoughts on HOW you can change your situation?

What if you spent time appreciating what IS going right in your world?

Take the focus off what you don’t like and onto what you do like or want for your life.

When you’re in the midst of feeling helpless, lost and stuck remind yourself of these 3 affirmations:

Go after that better life.

It’s waiting for you.

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