Popp Talk Ep. 3 Trust Your Greatness

Popp Talk episode 3 Trust Your Greatness

Sometimes, trusting yourself can be one of the hardest tasks you set out to do. Life can be really tough at times and weighing you down. However, life can also be really beautiful. So beautiful that it wipes out the hard times.
Things can get even tougher if you’re super focused on completing a specific goal, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, finishing a degree program or maybe you’re just trying to figure out what to do next with your life. The pressure you place on yourself to deliver Continue reading

Popp Talk ep. 2: Ask For What You Deserve

Ask for what you deserveI’ve been chatting with one of my really close friends lately about how she’s just not feeling honored at work. She’s not feeling respected,  like she’s getting back what she’s putting into her work.
My answer to her and what I’m going to tell all of you is:
You’ve got to go out there and ask for what you deserve. No one’s going to hand it over on a silver platter.
You have to be your biggest champions.
You have to be your biggest fans.
You need to go out into the world telling people, “This is who I am and this is what I deserve.
Sometimes, that can be really difficult to do.
We want to put in the work and then HOPE that we get our due praise and respect. It would be nice if it worked like that.
Sometimes it does work like that.
Sometimes there are just amazing people in this world who see our greatness. People who see our hard work and treat us accordingly. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we have to be the ones to show people how to treat us. So if you’re not getting the love and the respect that you feel you deserve, put your foot down.
Go out there and ask!
I’ll tell you right now though, if you’re not being heard, maybe it’s time to walk away. Maybe it’s time to go after something greater. That’s all within your power and that’s something you have to decide Be your biggest fanfor yourself.
So whatever it is you have going on in your life right now, take a step back and ask yourself,
“What is it that I need in this moment? What is it that I need from this experience?”
Go out there and ask for what you deserve!
Go out there and get it!
What you deserve isn’t going to  be handed to you on a silver platter. It does happen sometimes but
not all the time.
I’m about to head out into my neighborhood and go for a little walk. Because you know what? I needed to step up my self care game, this week. I have been feeling a little low. I haven’t been getting back the same amount of energy that I’ve been putting out into the world, over these last few weeks. I had to take a step back and ask my self “what do I need, right now?” This week, I’ve needed a lot of just chill time. So I’m gonna go out there and get that chill time.
So, figure out what it is you need. Whether it’s from the people around you, from yourself or your environment and go out there and get it.
Go out there and ask for it!
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Social Media Cleanse

Social Media

This summer, my social media platforms have been full of varying negative opinions (some downright awful), unsupported information, and disturbing visuals.

I was repeatedly seeing posts centered around fear, hate and division. I was saddened to see various people’s opinions on the matter. I quickly went on a social media cleanse, unfriending and hiding people who’s opinions were hateful and ignorant.

I really want to protect the quality of the information I’m taking in day-to-day.

As I push forward on my path, I want to be motivated, inspired and encouraged by the content I consume. Continue reading