Popp Talk Ep. 1: Choose to be unstoppable


Popp Talk YouTube seriesI figured it was time for a little Monday Popp Talk, a little inspirational, motivational pep talk to get you through your week.

So one thing I think we kind of lose sight of a little too easily is how many choices we have. You You happen to lifechoose the course of your life. You can choose how you react to things that happen to you. Life you, you happen to life. So every little obstacle that comes your way, slow down, stop, breathe, think about it. How do you choose to react in this moment? Are you going to let this moment ruin the rest of your day? Are you going to let this moment dictate the course of your life? Or are you going to say, “Shit happens. It’s time for me to figure out how to make the most of the situation.”

You can always choose to be miserable. Let life break you and fall apart. Allowing life to stop your greatness. OR you can choose to say, “You know what life? You’re my bitch and I’m going to run this. I’m not letting this stop me. I’m going to focus on my solutions: How I can get through this and make this better.”


Always keep in mind that the choice is always yours. Always. Life doesn’t run you. Life doesn’t own you. Life isn’t kicking your ass. You run life. You kick life’s ass. You’re the one in control so don’t let life get the better of you.


If you ever want to keep this convo going just shoot me an email at Miriam@VibrantLC.com. Make it a great week. CHOOSE to make it a great week and choose wisely.


Choose to be unstoppable

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