How to Create an Empowering Morning Ritual


Some of the most successful people in the world share one daily habit in common: a nurturing morning ritual. Anna Wintour starts her day at 5:45 with an hour of tennis. Benjamin Franklin dedicated 3 hours to his morning ritual, which included asking himself “What good shall I do today?”

Instead of hopping on your phone the second you wake up, create a morning ritual that enriches your day and sets you up for success. All the emails and notifications will still be there when you finally get around to them.


Here are my 3 steps for easily creating your own morning ritual:

  1. How much time can you dedicate to your morning ritual? The first step is getting clear about how much time you can dedicate to yourself in the morning. 30 minutes? Two hours? Perhaps it’s just ten minutes to get you going. You can create a really supportive morning ritual no matter how much time you have.
    • PRO TIP I suggest going to bed at the same time every evening and committing to waking at the same time every am. As time goes on, experiment with waking up ten minutes earlier.
  2. What feel good activities do you want to fill your morning ritual? Start listening to your body clock. Do creative work when you feel the most inspired. What activities leave you feeling ALIVE? Need some ideas? I got you
    • Meditation practice (Insight Timer is my fave meditation app)
    • Exercise (from a run around your neighborhood or a weight training sesh at the gym)
    • Gratitude practice
    • Playing with your pet
    • Repeating affirmations
    • Reading self improvement or uplifting books
    • Listening to a podcast or motivational recording
    • Yoga
    • Fresh homemade breakfast
    • Positive self talk
    • Time with your loved one
    • Dance party
    • Journaling
    • Establishing your priorities for the day. What good will you do today?
  3. How do you want your morning ritual to flow? Decide which activities you will partake in and for how long. A few sample rituals:
    • 10-minute yoga routine focused on sun salutations, followed by 5 minutes of goal setting for your day, reciting your affirmations while showering and then wrapping it up with a nourishing breakfast made by Chef YOU.
    • 30 minute run while listening to your favorite podcasts 15 minutes of reading your latest positive and empowering text, 10 minutes journaling and setting your intention for the day.
    • Time cuddling with your pet or loved one, 5 minutes jotting down 5 things your grateful for and establishing your day’s priorities.
    • My routine lately: 10 minute meditation, 20 minutes of yoga, a few pages from the latest book I’m reading, some journaling and establishing the days priorities. Breakfast is my favorite meal so no matter how my ritual flows I always end it with a nourishing breakfast.

Your morning ritual is time just for you, no one else. It might be the only time all day that you get to pour into yourself. In the morning, before you pick up that phone and start checking your notifications, get after your morning ritual.


What’s your morning ritual looking like?

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  1. This is a fantastic blog post. Mornings are a wonderful time to be grateful and set intention. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading future blog post. Glad I saw this on Pinterest!

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