How To Create A Gratitude Practice

When you focus on everything going wrong you only find more things going wrong. You will always  find what you’re looking for.

Raise the vibe with gratitude…

It’s absolutely possible to retrain your brain, to create new beliefs and thought patterns. Establishing a gratitude practice is one way you can do that. A gratitude practice helps you train your brain to look for all of the good shit that happens in your world DAILY. 


Here are three ways you can bring a gratitude practice into your world. 

  1. Gratitude Practice
    1. Every am or pm, write down 3-5 things that you’re grateful for
    2. Keep it simple, keep it real. 
  2. Gratitude Alerts
    1. Set multiple alerts to go off throughout your day that prompt you to list 5 things you’re grateful for
      • Whatever is going on in your world this practice pulls you back to center, purpose, alignment
  3. Replace “sorry” with THANK YOU
    1. Stop apologizing for all the things.
    2. When you can, start leading with gratitude
    3. I’m sorry I’m late= Thank you so much for waiting for me.
      • Up the vibe of the encounter…leading with sorry can bring the vibe down. When you lead with gratitude everyone can feel good, appreciated.

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