3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Making Soul Aligned Decisions

I bought a house a month before turning 23. I knew it wasn’t the right move for me well before I even signed the papers. However, I let outside influences sway me and ignored the chaos I was feeling inside. My intuition was hollering for my attention the whole time. I was just so far out of alignment with my true self that I couldn’t make sense of it all.  

Let me give you the backstory.

I had gone apt hunting with a friend and long story short it didn’t turn up anything amazing. At the time, I was upset but it was definitely the right thing. See I had this vision of having my own 2 bedroom condo. The vision was so clear in my mind but I
ran from it. I believed every limiting thought as to why I would never find it or be able to afford it. So when this beautiful brand new townhouse came into my life, I pulled the trigger and bought it with my cousin. However, the vision of that condo has never left me TIL THIS DAY. Throughout the purchasing process of my home, this dream condo would pop up in my brain nagging me, begging for attention.

So why did I go with the townhome? I was focused on making other people happy. Because I didn’t trust myself to know what I needed and instead placed my trust in others. I was excited about the townhome but not in the way that my condo vision excited me. I was excited at the thought of making this other person happy. I was excited because I thought it would make me “somebody”.

Looking back I see just how out of alignment I was. How lost I was. How I wasn’t living to make myself happy but others.

So here are three simple questions to ask yourself in order to make aligned decisions

  1. Does this decision excite me or fill me with dread?
  2. Will this get me closer to my goals?
  3. Am I making this decision out of love or fear?


Whenever you are struggling to make a decision, slow down and ask yourself these three questions. The goal is to live at peace with who you are. Therefore your objective is always to make decisions that lift you up mind, body and soul.


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