Elevate Your Life, Elevate Your Circle

Messy bun millennials, my women on a mission! All my lady bosses and yeah even you homegirl just trying to find your way

As you grow and pursue your greatness, not every one is going to come with you.

Real talk.

This was at the center of an emergency coaching session with one of my amazing ladypreneur clients, yesterday.

As she continues to build her business she’s experiencing a lack of support and encouragement from some long time friends and family members.

We’re talking unsupportive comments, negativity and a whole lot of energy draining.

Here’s the thing, your purpose was put on your heart for YOU to understand and pursue.

No one else.

Believe in your purpose with unfailing passion.

As you pursue your calling, the people who aren’t meant to go with you to that next level will show themselves.

Don’t allow them to throw you off track.

Some people are best loved from a far.

Here’s the flip side, you’ll also attract absolutely amazing people along your journey.

People who will show up and show out.

These people will cheer you on and support you in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Lighten up your load boo and rise up.
What are you ready to let go of?




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