Hey Loves,

Miriam Popp here, your Serenity Guide, your confidant, your
cheerleader and member of your support team.


It’s time to leave the stressed, worried, over-thinking life behind you.


I created Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching to help guide you to a life full of possibility, peace and clarity in wayyyyyy less time than it took me.


Twelve years ago, I was drowning in self imposed pressure, living to please others, and fearful of life. I was a certified hotmess. I lived in a constant state of anxiety, questioning everything but never making any moves to be better. 


I was overwhelmed by thoughts of less than, doom and gloom, and unworthiness. I couldn’t get clear about a single decision but let me tell ya I was a pro at creating limiting excuses. I knew I was meant for more but could not focus on what steps to take for the life of me. As the ignored call for more got louder my anxiety increased with it.


One day, I decided I was done being a victim, I was done with all of the tears. I set out alone on a 10 year healing journey where I learned the tools necessary to become a life change artist. I devoured books from my favorite authors. I received support from some amazing women who were ahead of me on the path. I even found myself competing in a few fitness competitions. And after 13 years, I went back to school and enrolled in a holistic health and wellness program.


The insecure, lost 20 something year old Miriam wouldn’t recognize the woman I am today. I traded New England grey for California sunshine. Left my career as a hairstylist and built a business based on empowering women. More importantly, I traded thoughts of less than for endless possibilities.


I took many detours and even fell off the path a few times along my journey. I always got right back up though because I was in love with who I was becoming.


With a guide leading you along the way, it doesn’t have to take you as long as it took me to kick fear and limiting thoughts out of your life.


As your Serenity Guide, I help you:

Crystalize your fears

Validate your fears

REMOVE those fears.

I’ve unpacked all the tools I gained along my journey and poured them into Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching.


Utilizing the programs and products I’ve created will put you on the fast track to unlocking your magic and creating the life of your dreams.



Are you ready to bring more peace, clarity and abundance into your life?The vibrant life is waiting.


Miriam Popp





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