Vibrant Healing: A Mind, Body, Soul Workshop


Half Day Workshop



Group Discussions

Soul Workout


This half-day workshop will give you a chance to let the outside world fall away and spend some quality time with YOU. Get ready to sweat, tackle those inner thoughts, connect with your higher self and enhance your knowledge around the food you eat during this half day workshop.

I’ll be teaching my mind, body, soul approach to stress management and teach you techniques you can use immediately to live a VIBRANT LIFE.

Walk Away With 

  • Tools to combat overthinking
  • Clarity around why you’re self sabotaging (and trust me it’s more than getting in your own way)
  • Strengthened connection with your higher self
  • An understanding of the angel vs devil on your shoulder
  • The ability to trust your gut feelings (and when it’s just excuses)
  • The knowledge to say “Eff diet culture”. Learn to nourish your body through life’s storms (I’m talking balance not restriction)
  • My secret to incorporating your new thoughts into your daily movements.



We’ll open up with a meditation, some journal work, and open discussions on topics that cover the way we talk to ourselves, how we nourish our bodies and more. We’ll end the day with a workout that will incorporate the new personalized beliefs you’ve developed.





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