Vibrant Awareness: A Spiritual Journey Inward + BONUS



The name of the game is self awareness. The more understanding you bring into your world around who YOU truly are…the bigger and more vibrant your world becomes.


I held a weeklong series of live chats on the Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching FB page that covered the topics:

What Is Spirituality?

What Does Trusting Spirit In Action Look Like?

Recognizing When Your Soul Is Speaking To You

How To Raise Your Vibration


Lucky for you, I’ve put all these live chats together in one place! Vibrant Awareness is filled with knowledge bombs that’ll make you go hmmmmmmm. Find countless, easy-to-use, actionable guidance throughout this 30 minute video.


Grow your connection with your true self today by getting your hands on this gem.


Check out what one live viewer had to say:


BONUS: Positive Vibes Infographic Bundle spells out everything I discuss in this video. Keep this quick and easy tool handy as you expand your understanding of self!