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March Online Workshop: How to own the zero-fucks-given version of yourself

When: March 17, 2019 3pm ET//6pm PT

Where: Zoom video call from wherever you are most comfortable


So much stress and anxiety comes from denying the parts of yourself that are ready to flourish and take you to your next level. This month’s online workshop will help you to step into that next level you and the life you deserve.

Get ready to learn…

How to start standing up for who you truly are. Let’s put the people pleasing aside and start focusing on your own happiness.

How to start putting yourself up on the pedestal you deserve to be on while not knocking the next Queen’s crown. 

How to start showing up as the worthy af,  imperfectly perfect, work in progress that you are UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

How to own your gifts without playing yourself.

Walk away from this workshop with tools you can start applying to your life IMMEDIATELY. You’ve got dreams, goals and ideas that need YOU to bring them to life. Let’s work together to help you step into the person who can bring them all to life with grace and ease.



After the workshop, there will be time for you to ask questions so you can receive support around your specific needs. Consider this complementary group coaching where you can learn how to apply what you’ve learned to your unique life.


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