How to Practice Self Care When the Holidays Get Stressful

We have an amazing guest post by the awesome Shayla Law of Holistically Shayla. Check out her bio at the end of the article to learn a lil bit more about her. 

How to practice Self Care When the Holidays Get Stressful

The weather has finally turned cold and that means it’s boot season! I love this time of year. Family gathers, everything smells like cinnamon and I get to use my fireplace.

As a child, the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas were always my favorite because my mom and aunts would all make sure that these days were filled with love, warmth, and lots and lots of food. But when I reached adulthood I began to notice something from the matriarchs in my family: they were exhausted and stressed out.

Now that I am one of the women responsible for making the holiday season a time to remember for our family, it is apparent to me how important it is to practice self care so as not to burn out. Here are my top three tips for practicing self care when the holidays get stressful. Continue reading

10 Ways to Love on Yourself (#6 is my favorite)


As the holiday season creeps up, it’s the perfect time to make our self-care a priority. In this self careprotectpeace video series, Fill Me Up, it’s all about figuring out what brings you happiness and incorporating more of that into your life.

It’s your job to protect your peace.
Let’s go into the most stressful time of year, taking care of yourself better than you ever have before.

Continue reading

Challenge: Reconnect

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We’re constantly ON; running from this to that, plugged into our electronic devices and always focused on what we have to do next.
This week, I challenge you to take some time to reconnect with yourself.
See if you can take a minimum of five minutes in the middle of your day just to be quiet with yourself. Continue reading

Top 5 Self Care Tips (#3 is a personal fave)

goal-setting-2We’re all living crazy, busy, full lives. It’s all too easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and tired. Unfortunately, I don’t think enough of us take the time to love on ourselves so we have the energy to keep up with the fast pace of our lives. Before long you find yourself, tired, beat down and simply losing your joy for life. You end up walking around like a zombie, just going through the motions. Continue reading