Spiritual Self Care Circle


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If you’ve been feeling…
🚫not sure how to get back to yourself
🚫crave more of your own consistent love and attention

…but have no clue where to start… need a lil nudge or guidance…

The Spiritual Self Care Circle might be for you.


This is what you can expect when you subscribe to this monthly membership...

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It’s time to feel
🌾Aligned with your higher self
🌾Confident in your decisions
🌾Empowered by who you are

Want to dig deeper on your journey inward?

No problem I have two VIP options for you! These VIP options are planned out in a way to increase your self awareness and nurture your transformation.

If you feel in your heart that it’s time to commit to yourself and be in a completely different place in 6 months then these VIP options are for you.

I’m only saving five spots in each VIP program.


So I can give y’all my best during your spiritual self care session.


VIP OPTION 1//Support


As your self awareness increases get ready to manifest quicker and easier.

Start moving through your life with intention and clarity!

Leave behind the day’s where you felt split in two and open up to making aligned decisions that support you and your journey.

Get to know yourself better and approach your world with a clearer head.

VIP OPTION TWO//Let’s take that support up a notch


Once you subscribe, all you have to do is wait for your two favorite emails a month to roll in and explore the journey inward they awaken.


If you need help deciding which option is best for you, apply for a complimentary guidance session today!

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