Soul Workouts

Soul Workouts

Soul Workouts is for the woman that fitness has failed, mentally and spiritually.

If fitness has ever sent you into a downward spiral where you’ve questioned your worth or developed a nasty relationship with your scale come feel like a total badass at a Soul Workouts event.

Society is always pointing out our physical flaws and how to best “fix” them.

Fuck that.

We’re so much more than our bodies.

Soul Workouts is an hour dedicated to strengthening your mind AND your body.


I’ve taken some of my favorite functional body weight exercises and partnered them with empowering affirmations for a 30 minute sweat sesh.

This empowering sweat sesh is then followed by a 30 minutes of girl talk covering topics like work/life balance, healthy eating, healthy relationships and more. The whole experience will leave you feeling empowered to go out into your world feeling like a total badass.

My goal is to help thousands of women own their worth, take back their thoughts and step boldly into the life of their dreams!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area come join the magic!

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