Three Tips If You’re Not Used To Working From Home

I started working from home a little over four years ago, after working as a hairstylist for 13 years. To say it was a change is a massive understatement. I went from being around hundreds of people a week to the quiet freedom of solo-preneurship. Let me tell ya, the first few months… couple of years might be more accurate… were a weird battle ground of figuring out what worked for me and how I approach work.

Although hanging out in my sweats all day while typing away on my laptop seemed perfect at first, I started to lose myself and really needed better boundaries and guidelines.

So if you’re diving into working from home (WFH) for the first time and are nervous about all the freedom, staying on top of work or getting too comfortable, I’ve got three tips for starting your day when working from home.

Morning Routine 

How you set the tone for your day is everything. A perk about working from home is that commute time can now gets turned into time you intentionally use to nurture yourself. I know when I worked in the salon so many mornings I spent eating breakfast in the car while I drove to work. When I started working from home, I was so excited to be able to enjoy a homemade slow-paced breakfast. I make sure I have more than enough time in the morning to NOT have to rush to hop on my laptop, meeting or client session. I know the vibe I’m in when I start my day is the vibe I head into my workday with. Now’s your chance to get clear about HOW you want your mornings to flow, WHAT you want to bring into them, and HOW you can start enjoying your mornings more. Support yourself in such a way that you have the strength and stamina for the rest of your day.

Get dressed

This one makes more of a difference than you realize. In the beginning, I loved not having to get dressed for work. I would throw on whatever and plunge into work behind my laptop. But after a while, I noticed I was getting as casual with my work as my attire. Even if I wasn’t leaving the house or seeing anyone, I started getting dressed as if I was. I would allow myself a couple of freebie days where anything could happen, maybe it’s a sweats kinda day or maybe a blouse and skinny jeans. On days, I would record videos, LIVE sessions or video calls I started wearing what I call my mullet uniform: hair done, nice blouse, makeup on up top and sweatpants or leggings with house slippers on the bottom. The thing was, I found on days that I actually got dressed a step up from my sweatpants casual I was way more focused and productive. I also felt more comfortable in my skin when I took the time to get dressed and ready for the day.

Be clear about the day’s top three objectives

Now this is something I encourage my entrepreneur clients and now you a fellow WFH warrior 😉 to take on. Having your top three objectives laid out for the next day will save you so much time at the beginning of your work day. We can waste so much time trying to get clear about what to work on or what’s of highest priority. I’m here to encourage you to make it part of your routine at the end of your workday to jot down what didn’t get done that will carry into the next day or make note of what’s of biggest priority for the following day. You may think you’ll remember but why place that pressure on yourself. It’s so much more time efficient to get clear at the end of your day so that the next morning you can dive into whatever on your list speaks to you most or is of highest priority.

These are three simple habits to bring into your world to help you get in the swing of working from home. If you need more support and encouragement creating a work from home strategy that speaks directly to your needs let’s chat! Click here to apply for a free guidance session.

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