Vibrant Boss Lady Mini Coaching Program


I’ve made available an exclusive group of workshops that will

  • empower you,
  • connect you to your purpose,
  • move you from surviving to thriving, and
  • shift your perspective around what’s possible
  • get you into action in pursuit of your dreams

As well as three coaching sessions to help you integrate what you’ve learned and hold you accountable while implementing it in your life.






It’s time to unleash your vibrant warrior goddess on the world. You’ve got a bold vision for your future and business. I’ve got the tools to help you align with your unwavering power source. All the strength and courage you need on your entrepreneurial journey is within you. Allow the Vibrant Boss Lady workshop bundle to support you as you step into who you truly are bolder and bolder.


Find your six favorite workshops in one place:

Anxiety talking vs Intuition Guiding

Creating an Empowering Morning Ritual

Creating Empowering Beliefs

How to Bring Your Dreams To Life With Focus & Ease aka Manifestation Magic

How to Own The Zero Fucks Given Version of Yourself

Energy Workshop and Cord Cutting Ceremony


Entrepreneurship requires you to face your fears and show up like never before.

We all know how valuable support and accountability is on this journey so I’ve added three coaching sessions to this offer. These sessions are used to make sure you actually go through the content, get the push you need to dive deeper into your self awareness and hold you accountability to put into practice what you learn from each workshop.


Once you’ve made your purchase, within 24 hours you’ll receive an email that will contain a link to schedule your sessions


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