Shadow Side Journal Course


It’s time to make nice with the parts of yourself that you’ve pushed aside.

This mini course will gently reunite you with the parts of yourself you’ve shunned to the shadows of your mind. All of you is worthy not just the shiny, socially acceptable parts. I’m here to encourage you to be a whole, balanced, messy, imperfect person who leads with every part of what makes you YOU.

This four day journal course consists of emails sent out every two days:

  • daily video lessons and a lil story time with yours truly
  • journal prompts that take you deeper into the day’s lesson
  • followed by 1-2 minute breathing and affirmation exercise

BONUS// Shadow Side tarot reading (via email)

This six card spread will help you gain clarity around what you’re hiding in the shadows of your mind, how to bring your power to light, what you need to balance your light and dark and more.



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