Lunar Living

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Super easy to apply information you’ll be so glad you have as you begin learning about the moon’s phases.

15 minute video training jam-packed full of knowledge you can start applying to your life IMMEDIATELY

  • you’ll want a notebook or piece of paper and pen close by. You’re gonna be taking all the notes


Two meditations that will help you harness the lunar energy around you.


LUNAR LIVING! Come learn how to adjust your spiritual self care practices to flow with the moon.

I’ll be sharing with you

🌙the theme of each lunar phase (New, First quarter, Full & Third Quarter moon)

🌙your energetic level during each phase

🌙the best activities to do

🌙the most beneficial spiritual self care practices to partake in

🌙a journal prompt for each phase (this way you can really harness the energy around you)


Full moon and New moon channeled meditations to help you harness the lunar energy around you to support and nourish you.

3 reviews for Lunar Living

  1. Gabrielle Pennymon

    This is the ultimate beginners guide to the lunar phases. It was so simple and easy to understand. Me having intermediate knowledge of the moon phases already I still got a lot of good information I can add to what I already do. I would recommend everyone to watch these videos no matter what level of knowledge you have on the moon phases.

  2. Ashley

    I love the moon and have always felt connected to her energy. What I never realized before going through Lunar Living was just how RIGHT I AM about my connection to the moon. Lunar Living taught me how to tailor my spiritual self care to the lunar energy around me. I now know exactly what kind of vibe to expect around the next full moon (this week) and exactly how to harness it. LOVE! And these meditations Miriam keeps making. Sheesh!

  3. Katrina

    Lynnar living has been my jam…I don’t have a regular monthly cycle so making my schedule with my cycle like I would like to has been tough but I recently decided to just operate my business in accordance with the moon and lunar living was a great tool to assist with that! It has increased my connection with myself and my intuition. Also helps me feel more grounded and productive.

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