Creating Empowering Beliefs Workshop


Join me on September 26, 2018 at 11am PT!

This virtual workshop is for ten women who are ready to shift what they believe about themselves and their world. Think of this time together as a virtual group guidance session. We’ll come together on a group video call and kick things off with a centering meditation.

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What you believe to be true is the spell you’re constantly casting over your life.


Let’s come together and create 5-10 empowering beliefs that inspire you to unleash the most authentic version of yourself onto the world.

The person you are desiring to become lives her life by a whole different set of beliefs. It’s time to awaken to that belief set. It’s time to bring those beliefs into your world NOW so you can pave the way for NEXT LEVEL you to enter the world.

I’ll work with each of you to create a spell that transforms your world. By coming together in community we have the opportunity to celebrate each other, create an empowering collective energy to tap into, learn from each other and support each other.


I have dedicated 2 hours to this workshop (Zoom video conference) with the intention of supporting each of you to the fullest. Come ready to share and grow and you’ll receive as much out of this as you put in.


I will support each of you during the session in the order that you signed up.


Because I love surprises and spoiling y’all I have a special bonus for those who attend. 😉

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