Chakra 411

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Chakra 411 teaches you everything you need to know as you begin learning about your body’s energetic system, how to work with it and how to heal it.


Chakra 411 is split into three sections and each section comes with a resource guide and training video:


Get ready to learn:

    1. the purpose of each chakra
    2. which organ and system of the body each chakra is related to
    3. how to connect with them
    4. how to identify blockages by the self talk you’re using, relationship problems you’re experiencing, your actions and more
    5. how to heal/balance your chakras
    6. which crystals, essential oils, affirmations and so much more support each chakra



If you have been feeling lost, overwhelmed, “not yourself” but have no idea why and/or where to start so you can begin feeling better…

Get your hands on Chakra 411.

Learn about your bodies energetic system and the impact your actions and lifestyle have on it daily. I’ve even included an exercise I use with my clients that will help you decipher where an energy blockage or four may reside. 😉

This self paced training will help you learn how to get to the root of your issue and guide you through your energetic healing process.

If you’ve been curious about the chakras but have had no idea where to start…

Stop what you’re doing and purchase Chakra 411 today.

I’ve created a simple to understand, easy to wrap your brain around journey inward. Everything is spelled out clearly and color coded.

I poured so much love and healing intention into each page.

While you work your way through the materials allow the imagery to heal and soothe you.

If you’re curious about energy healing and how to take your healing to the next level, slow your scroll, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Chakra 411 provides you with multiple EASY ways to bring each chakra into balance.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it can be to take your healing into your own hands. 




20 minute chakra healing meditation

Emotion Detox: Journal Prompt Guide







2 reviews for Chakra 411

  1. Dhanny

    I have seen so many lives changed for the better with the work that you do ! This is awesome!

  2. Ashley

    I’ve alway heard of chakras but definitely wasn’t sure what all of that was about. Chakra 411 blew my mind open with the easy to follow and apply knowledge Miriam dropped. Like I had no idea that certain foods could heal my chakras! From the training videos to the beautiful imagery of the resource guides and oh my god that chakra balancing meditation I walked away feeling balanced, supported and empowered to take my energy healing into my own hands.

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