Block Buster Coaching Special


Let’s bust through the mental and energetic blocks that are holding you back from what you truly want.

* I only offer this mini session twice a year. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your world.

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Feeling overwhelmed by life?

Are there dreams, goals, a life you dream about that you feel blocked from?

Do you recognize that there’s something stopping you from reaching your true potential but have no idea where to start?

Are you ready to uncover your mental and energetic blocks and develop a plan to move past them?

Don’t be the reason you don’t have everything your heart desires.

Sign up for the  6 week Block-buster coaching program and receive

  • Three one-hour guidance sessions dedicated to deciphering your blockages, developing a new mindset, creating a fail proof plan into your next level
  • Two reiki sessions to help you balance your chakras and receive intuitive guidance
  • Chakra 411… self teach course on the chakras. Learn how to recognize blockages, heal those blockages and enhance your spiritual self care game.
  • Daily Mindset Mastery…digital bundle that will teach you how to start EVERYday with an empowering mindset
  • Moments with Meditation Miriam… 5 meditation bundle meant to empower you, cleanse you of negative energy and increase your connection to self.

Let’s work together to help you leave your excuses behind and step boldly into your dreams.

There are only 5 slots available in this limited time offer. 

One of them is yours!!!

This mini coaching program is valued at over $1000 and will only be available for $597 for the month of August.

We get started September 2018!


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