How To Shift Your Mindset

Ok, so if you’ve taken this journey with me, by now you know what the hell mindset even means and how to recognize if you’re caught up in a fixed mindset voice.

So let’s take things a step further and show you how to shift your mindset from fixed to growth.

The first step is to recognize when you’re in a fixed mindset loop. Step 1.5 is smothering yourself in love and patience and continue the smothering throughout this process.

So step #2 requires you to talk back. Yup, for once it’s a good thing to get sassy and talkback.

Don’t sit back and take it while your fixed mindset voice is keeping you small. It’s time to tell that limiting voice who’s BOSS.

If that fixed mindset voice (gremlin) is saying “Why even bother taking that next step? You’re probably going to fail.” Your growth mindset voice (gremlin slayer) says back

“If I don’t even try, I’m still failing. Plenty of successful people have failed before finding their way “

If that gremlin is saying, “Let’s not speak up and hope he notices our pain.” Talk
back with your gremlin slayer voice
and say, “If I express myself honestly and openly I will be honoring, myself, my emotions and this relationship.”

I go into slaying those gremlins in depth in the Gremlin Slayer Training. You deserve the peace and clarity this training provides.

If you’re ready to learn a system that will help you enhance every area of your life without getting lost in overwhelm, check out what I’m offering in the self paced More Life course.

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