How To Recognize A Fixed Mindset

In an earlier post, I broke down two types of mindsets, fixed and growth. I hope you’re ready to take it a step further. I wouldn’t open your eyes and then leave ya hanging!

It’s totally possible to have a fixed mindset in certain areas of your life and a growth mindset in others. With this article, I hope to help you RECOGNIZE your fixed mindset voice

So to put it simply, your fixed mindset voice will say things that keep you questioning yourself and your ability. “What makes you think you can do that? Aren’t there people better than you who can do this? That’s a ridiculous idea. Why are you even bothering?”


Another way a fixed mindset voice might pop up are statements that reduce how amazing you are, “Everyone’s gonna know how how dumb you are. So-and-so did it better. What makes you think you deserve that?”

This voice typically isn’t speaking your truth or facts. It’s speaking up out of fear. It’s important to pick up on that.


I like to call your fixed mindset voice GREMLINS.



Gremlins tend to creep in and take over when you’re feeling vulnerable and out of your power. If you’ve gone through my e-book, Gremlin Slayer Training, then you’ve heard me say how easy it is to get swept up in a gremlin party. The second you focus on one of those little jerks, 20 more pop up and totally derail all progress.

Gremlins love nothing more than to set up shop and throw a rager in your mind. Your mind is their favorite party house. They’re not trying to lose the best party house on the block. So although you’ve recognized their existence they’re gonna dodge you like woah. They’re gonna do their best to convince you that they’re there for your benefit, to keep you safe.

When you recognize a fixed mindset at work ask yourself,

“What are the facts to back this up?”

Challenge the limiting story being told. Turn to the facts, turn to your truths.

That being said, as you start to recognize when you’re caught up in your fixed mindset voice have patience with yourself. Recognizing that you are limiting yourself is huge! Recognizing that you’re in the midst of a gremlin party is HUGE and something to be celebrated!

Recognizing your fixed mindset is the first step to stepping into your power and owning your greatness. The next up is taking your power back.


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