Goal Setting Tips & Tricks



We’re about a week into the New Year and maybe some of you are struggling to stay on track or even get going with your resolutions or goals.

Change the way you think about it by trying a few of my tips and tricks!

How do you want the year to feel? Its vibe. Its energy.

Once you’ve figured this out, pick a word or phrase that resonates with how you want the year to feel. Abundant? Calm? Fresh and brand new?

Pick a song, call it a theme song, that embodies the feel for the year. This is your fight song, an impromptu dance party to get you back in the ring never hurt no body!

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When you find yourself struggling to stay on track turn to your word, phrase or theme song to help motivate you.

A few goal setting tips:

  • Make a 6-month goal, January-June, this way you’re not beating yourself up next December when you haven’t even started yet.
  • Next, figure out what steps need to be taken to achieve your goal, consider them your mini goals. Create a timeline, establish what you can accomplish by March and make it your 3-month goal.
  • Decide on a reward, incentive. Create that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • When June comes around and you’ve celebrated reaching your goal, do the same thing for the next half of the year


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